A Refreshed Commitment

We're always looking for new ways to make our world a little better. Like with our Eco-Fina Bottle™ that uses 50% less plastic than our 2002 bottle.

Refresh your commitment to our environment. Learn easy ways to make more out of 50% less.

Feel the Difference

A few years ago, we released a new bottle that used 35% less plastic than the 2002 version and continued working on new ways to reduce our dependence on plastic. This led to the development of our new and improved Eco-Fina Bottle™.

Using a patented spider web technology, we designed a flexible lightweight bottle that uses 50% less plastic than the 2002 version. Now, we've improved the design and the bottle is sturdier than ever. And the good thing is that it still uses 50% less plastic than our 2002 version.

We will continue to do what we can to lessen our environmental impact one small step at a time and encourage you to join us in these efforts.

Make a Difference
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